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Soomzone found its inception aligning to our Honorable prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision for a cashless transacting India. The thought became a burning desire to build a strong “product” system in India that can compete globally, despite many innovation infrastructure challenges. The Product we need is saving Local community at large to preserve their earnings and Customer base from the challenge of globalization.  We wanted to accomplish this through a very unique innovation on the back of the Internet & mobile wave in India, and every retailer, customer get an opportunity to access world class technology to promote their business or interest.

Over the last couple of years, our teams in India and across the globe supported by investors, have been quietly working on some very exciting things for life. We are not interested in building another market place or services company to sell goods. Our Vision is to make every Local business to take their commerce to new heights with their Brand and goodwill from their sweat for years.

Our vision was founded with a vision to build India’s first global technology product brand by designing, engineering, sourcing and marketing custom business solutions for Local market, making them compete globally with equal or better techadvantage.  We aim to connect Customers with retailers and retailers to wholesalers and/or manufacturers. Our all-in-one built-in system enables manufacturers find their customers within the soomzone retailers, and Our retailers find customers as well as un-interrupted and trustful supply of goods competitively. .

For decades our small scale industries were groomed from local sales and growth were laid down with local customer base. With the mass use of online market places, small brands are unable to maintain their local customers as well as business or growth. Soomzone aims to become a premier global ecommerce brand to connect local & international brands with equal opportunity platform by uniquely accelerating and aggregating the product expertise & technology advantage in India and around the globe.
Retailer and E-Shop
Google Research
While some might say that the rise of digital has made the role of the local retail store obsolete, new research from Google conducted with Ipsos Media CT and Sterling Brands suggests that the relationship between digital and in-store shopping is far more nuanced and interconnected than that. In gaining an understanding of the impact of digital on in-store shopping, we were able to debunk three common retail myths. We also identified ways retailers can use digital more effectively to connect with consumers. With two in three consumers not finding the information they need in-store and 43% then leaving frustrated, digital presents an opportunity for retailers to improve the in-store shopping experience.

Our Supporters and Advocates

Today, as we ready ourselves for the next phase of our journey, we find that our circle of believers has gotten wider. Today, our dream to make lives better finds more supporters and well-wishers.

Mr. Shaji N T,  B Tech

Co-Founder and Director Middle East

Mr. Shaji is responsibe for Business development of soomzone in India and Overseas countries. He Brings 16 years of experience in India and Overseas at Various capacities. He  is the leading Project Manager  and Chief Business strategist in He holds B. Tech Degree and a PMP certification.Email:  Cell: +0096892811812

Mrs. Sunita Singh

Director & Board Member

Mrs. Sunita Singh  is one of the key member from inception of the company. She is very passionate to do new things and works on welfare of "women at work".

Mrs. Shince Byju

Director & Board Member

Mrs. Shince Byju is the director from inception of the company. She is responsible for Human Resource Management.

Mr. K.P. George

Sr. Vice-President - Business Development

Mr. KPG is a veteran in the field of Marketing and Business development. He worked in Cooperative sector and groomed businesses from bench to Large scale. He brings experience in Procurement, Planning, Human Resource, Training, and Marketing. Before Joining soomzone, he was associated with Milma- a popular brand in South India. email: Mob: 94470 89358

Mr. Nisanth Sagar, MCA, MBA

Technical Head

Mr. Nisanth Sagar has an experience in the field of IT for a period of 15 Years. He is chief of technology development and R&D activities

Mr. Shaji VC

Zonal Business Head -Operations

Every operation is supported by a dedicated backend team in IT. The backend for technical and customer service are managed at Zonal office. Mr. Shaji leads the office operations. He is the head of property wing of soomzone. Email:  Cell: 91-9495571972

Mr. R.K. Khosla

Head of Accounts & Finance

Mr. Khosla is a veteran accountant and has a very good hands on experience in small scale and large corporate accounting and audit services. He brings about 35 years of experience from various Industries.