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8.30 am to 7:00 pm

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    National Store In Kannur, Kerala

    Owned by the esteemed National Store In Kannur. This establishment, sells all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, staples, juices and dairy products among others. Currently, the brand pans across the country with more than 1984 fully-functional and operative outlets catering to its wide customer-base. It took 14 years of untried hard work and dedication, for us to build and move the National Store to the “Own Building”. During this tenor, the next generation came into business to support the proud father and “The National Store” moved in to the new building as a well organized fully equipped business establishment. At first Saifudheen, the eldest son of Ibrahim Kutty Haji came in to support and the younger ones Sirajudheen and Salahudheen followed the elder brother. Currently, everyone is actively engaged in every single development of the establishment. National Store has an online shop too which enables the customers to shop groceries and other items from the comforts of their homes as per their convenient time. Ensuring top quality products at the best prices, this establishment promises an enhanced and hassle-free customer experience. Providing staggering discounts across a wide range of products, the retail outlet is a favourite among its customers. The establishment stands at Kannur, RAMLA SOUK, MARKET ROAD, CHIRAKKAL(PO), PUTHIYATHERU, KANNUR owing to which customers arriving from any part of the city can easily find the outlet.

    Services Offered at National Store:

    National Store In Kannur reveals an extremely commodious space with separate aisles for each category of products. While the fruits and vegetables are displayed in appropriate baskets, the frozen products are stored at optimal temperatures inside refrigerators which help to retain the freshness and high quality. There are several billing counters at the shop that issue invoices and credit memos to the customers with promptness. It serves the residents from 8.30 am to 7:00 pm.

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