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    Ayur Punarjani Marma Chikilsalayam Ayurvedic Treatment in Muvattupuzha. Ayurvedic treatment, VSM Mohandas Vaidyar, Marma treatment, Online booking with Address, Contact Number,Photos,Maps, Direction, Customer Review. View Ayur Punarjani Ayurvedic Marma Chikilasalyam,Muvattupuzha on,Ayur punarjani Marma Chikilasalyam Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam .Since 2017, this Marma Chiklasalyam, professional has been running a clinic and practising the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. Having many years of expertise in this domain of Ayurvedic Marma Treatment, this doctor has attended to countless patients. Ayurveda heals one's body through herbal treatments, Sore throat pain, headache, sneezing, hair loss, premature, sexual dysfunction, infertility, urinary tract, sugars, intense pressure, urine, pelvic diseases, fracture, pain, pancreas, massage.The methods and the physiology of the patient, age, and climatic conditions are treated with specially prepared drugs. Special treatments are also available for black spots on face, stroke, non-birth defects, and chronic inflammatory diseases. You can visit this doctor's clinic at Muvattupuzha, In locating this centre, the pezhakkapilly po, opp. panchayat office, paipra acts as a prominent landmark. Reach out to this Vaidhyar on the following contact number: 9747134753, 8589931347, 9995465015, 9747134753 to get more information and to schedule an appointment. This Vaidhyar is also listed under Ayurvedic Body Massage Centres, Ayurvedic Vaidhyar, and Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centres. Marma Chikilsalayam doing the treatment like Abhyangam, Sirodhara, 3 Takradhara, etc..The clinic of Ayur punarjani Marma Chikilasalyam Ayurvedic in Muvattupuzha, is a well-maintained centre. It is neatly sectioned into a waiting area for patients to wait for their turn and a consulting room, where this practitioner attends to patients. This Vaidhyar first understands the patient's medical history and discusses the health issues they are facing. Post that, a simple examination may be conducted to check the 'levels' treatments Abhyangam, Sirodhara, 3 Takradhara etc.. Based on this examination, this physician prescribes suitable treatment You can visit this clinic between 09:00 - 12:00, Evening section 03:00 - 6:00.Make a payment using Cash.Please visit our website for online advanced appointment booking scroll to the top for the address and contact details of Ayur punarjani Marma Chikilasalyam Ayurvedic in Muvattupuzha.

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