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Chinese Noodle Restaurant,Chinese Restaurant,Fast Food Restaurant,Restaurant,Rice Restaurant
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5.00 pm to 5.00 am


Ethnic Foods

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    Red Chilliz Fast Food in Nellimattom,Kothamangalam

    Red Chilliz Fast Food and Nadan Thattukada in Nellimatton,Kothamangalam. View Red Chilliz Fast Food with address,Contact Number,Menu,Photos,Map, direction,Reviews & Ratings on,

    This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated Fast Foods. So as to be able to cater to a large number of diners, it occupies a favourable location at Nellimattom,Kothamangalam. Courtesy to this strategic location, foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk in to this eating house conveniently without facing any hassles related to commuting to this part of the city. Our doors are open to everyone! Inspired by our love for authentic delicious, we produce our food with love and passion.Red Chilliz is the perfect spot to dine at if you are searching for a delicious Fast Foods

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    Kappa Specials,Chicken Specials,Beef Specials,Indian Breakfasts,Egg Specials,Biriyani Specials,Drinks,Icecream

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