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    Aji's Flowers & Decorations is one of the finest stage decorators in Kothamangalam, specializing in a variety of beautiful, unique and original floral designs for Weddings, Parties, Banquets, Corporate events, Inaugurations & more. We also specialize in professional flower arrangements based on individual client requirements. We work towards helping you conceptualize and execute the most important day of your life through our innovative approach to wedding décor. Our larger vision is to add a unique sense of aesthetics for weddings, and build concepts that truly reflect our clients and their personal approach towards how wedding décor should be. Our services span various wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding décor themes and others. We specialize in fabulous floral creations and designer flower bouquets that will be the centerpiece for various occasions such as weddings, banquets, parties, events, inaugurations, corporate events, and social events. Our approach involves thinking differently and visualizing creations that will look glamorous, trendy, traditional or elegant depending on our clients’ requirements. We work towards executing stunning masterpieces with the finest attention to detail, that will be a talking point at any event.

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